Volume 3 - 2023 -

1. Cultivation of Pleurotus pulmonarius utilizing substrates derived from local agricultural waste

Authors: Anukwuorji CA, Ebije I, Okigbo RN, Eze, HN, Ndubuisi JC, Uka CJ, Okolie CU.

Recieved: 13 June 2023, Accepted: 26 September 2023, Published: 22 December 2023

This study was carried out to determine the most suitable substrate for the cultivation of Pleurotus pulmonarius. Three substrates were used for this study; palm fruit waste, maize cobs and yam peels. The three substrates were packaged in heat resistant polythene bags and pasteurized for four hours at 100 °C. The substrates were inoculated with mycelia under aseptic conditions. The spawn of Pleurotus pulmonarius was used to inoculate each bag of substrate. The substrates were incubated in darkness and covered with newspapers to keep a high concentration of carbon dioxide (15-20 %) in the room to promote mycelia growth. Small incisions were made on the bags to give a cold shock to initiate fruiting. The result of the study showed that palm fruit waste produced the highest fresh weight of mushrooms (147.67 ± 24.583 g) while maize cobs produced the lowest fresh weight (119.01 ± 23.065 g). Maize cobs produced the highest dry weight of mushrooms (106.67 ± 4.041 g) while palm fruit gave the lowest dry weight (93.67 ± 2.082 g). Furthermore, palm fruit waste gave the highest biological efficiency of 91.60 ± 13.022 % while yam peels gave the lowest biological efficiency of 82.13 ± 35.072 %. The effects of the various substrates were discussed in relation to the dry weight and the biological efficiency of the cultivated mushroom. Based on the impacts of the palm kernel waste in the growth and yield of the cultivated mushroom, we recommend their use in the cultivation of mushrooms.

Keywords: Anambra – Awka – biological efficiency – fungi – Nigeria


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