Volume 1 - 2021 - Index

issue 1

1. Bacteriostatic and Virostatic Activities of Mushrooms: A Mini-review
Li YC, Li Y, Guo HY, Wang CY and Yang XW

2. The nutrition, cultivation and biotechnology of Stropharia rugosoannulata
Hu Y, Kakumyan P, Bandara AR and Mortimer PE

3. Aspergillus quadrilineatus revealed to be fungicolous on Phlebopus spongiosus from northern Thailand
Gajanayake AJ, Jayawardena RS, Bundhun D, Thongklang N, Luangharn T

special issue

4. Fomes (Polyporales, Basidiomycota): medicinal, economic and ecological importance
Wang H and Zhao CL

5. Hericium erinaceus - A Rich Source of Diverse Bioactive Metabolites
Deshmukh SK, Sridhar KR, and Gupta

6. Biochemical profile of two ethnically edible ectomycorrhizal mushrooms of southwest India
Greeshma AA, Anu-Appaiah KA, Pavithra M and Sridhar KR

7. A mini review on the potential pharmacological properties, cultivation, and market value of edible Lentinus mushrooms (Polyporaceae)
Phonemany M, Raghoonundon B, Luangharn T, Tang SM, Hyde KD and Thongklang N

8. Nutritional and medicinal benefits of Oyster (Pleurotus) mushrooms: a review
Galappaththi MCA, Dauner L, Madawala S, and Karunarathna SC

9. Nutritional content, nutraceutical properties, cultivation methods and economical importance of Lentinula: a review
Raghoonundon B, Gonkhom D, Phonemany M, Luangharn T and Thongklang N

10. Cultivation and identification of blazeispirols of Agaricus campestroides and A. flocculosipes
Chuankid B, Schrey H, Stadler M, Thongklang N, Hyde KD

11. Hericium: A review of the cultivation, health-enhancing applications, economic importance, industrial, and pharmaceutical applications
Gonkhom D, Luangharn T, Raghoonundon B, Hyde KD, Stadler M, Thongklang N

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