Fungal Biotec

Fungal Biotec is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing high quality papers in the field of fungal biotechnology. The main focus is on basic original research, but review articles, studies on methodology and industrial or other applied aspects are also highly welcome. Studies published in Fungal Biotec are accompanied by publicly accessible data and provide maximum transparency and reproducibility of analyses workflows. Fungal Biotec has no page or open access charges and offers a free outlet for the publications of the mycological community.


Highlights of publication

  • Peer-reviewed manuscripts on all aspects of fungal biotechnology
  • Open access
  • Quick turnaround
  • No page charges 


Articles in the “Fungal Biotec” are published open access. All manuscripts undergo peer review before acceptance.

Fungal Biotec will publishes one annual volume.



About Fungal Biotec

Fungal Biotec publishes reviews, research articles, methodology papers, and other research which are relevant to fungal biotechnology. The official journal language is English.

All manuscripts will undergo peer review before acceptance. Fungal Biotec will publish each manuscript as quickly as possible following acceptance by the editors.

Fungal Biotec